6 Seater FRP Boat

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The  Boat is suitably designed and built with FRP composite materials using advanced composite process techniques.  It is safe & effective for inland  water operation.

Hull & Deck construction

The hull structure is made of FRP construction with sufficient Stringers.

All the materials such as glass fibre, polyester resin, wood, etc., are of best quality.  The workmanship and finish are of best standard and to the satisfaction of the customer.

The deck is made in FRP. Proper supports, stiffeners, etc., will be provided to achieve the required impact.

The steel fittings including fasteners wherever required are galvanized iron or powder coated steel and has good smooth surfaces.  Buoyancy blocks as required are provided.

The Boat is a open boat with FRP benches. One insulated fish hold is located under one of the bench. Flooring of the boat is made of ply wood sandwiched FRP.